SLATE (SLX) is now listed on HitBTC

HitBTC Exchange lists SLX with BTC and USDT pairs

Slate Entertainment Group (SEG) is proud to announce that SLX is now trading on HitBTC. Trading has begun for two pairs, SLX/BTC and SLX/USDT.

SLATE: The Entertainment Currency

SLATE (SLX) is the digital currency that drives the economy for the suite of products and services developed by Slate Entertainment Group (SEG). SLX, the entertainment currency introduces Binge video streaming platform and Slatix ticketing service, both of which are driven by blockchain technology.

Binge pioneers BVOD™ (Blockchain Video on Demand), which offers streaming services like Netflix, but creates new markets and incentives with borderless technology.

Slatix makes ticketing easier, cheaper, and far more versatile. Ticketing on the blockchain cuts out the middleman, eliminates hefty fees, and allows ticket owners to transact and even trade cryptographically secure tickets that can’t be forged.

Don’t miss out on Masternode rewards!

Not only is SLATE (SLX) the best way to access entertainment, SLX coins are also your ticket to the Future of Entertainment. When SLX holders operate masternodes, they will store and distribute content. Masternode operators enjoy handsome rewards for their contribution to the decentralized network.

Be a part of the Entertainment Revolution

Rewards like this are unheard of in the current Entertainment Industry. Netflix does not pay you for what you bring to the table. With Slate, you are the decentralized network. When you run a masternode, you own the means of distribution. Be the Future of Entertainment.

Join the Entertainment Revolution!