Meet SLATE! A short featuring Devon Bostick

Meet SLATE (SLX): the new digital currency set to disrupt the entertainment industry. Slate Entertainment Group (SEG) has released a commercial destined to be a crypto-cult-classic. Heartthrob Devon Bostick (The 100, Okja, Diary of a Wimpy Kid) stars as Slate.

The hero navigates the film studio, bumping into characters familiar to crypto enthusiasts. While introducing his media delivery and storage protocol, Slate meets Ethereum, congested with cryptokitties — literally surrounded by kittens. Back to the Future style, Slate hitches a ride on his skateboard clutching the back of a Lamborghini to his next encounter facing off against the infamous crypto-villain Tron.

As Slate's sleek moves send Tron into the “Sun,” he comes back down to Earth, landing on a red carpet to accept what would have been his Oscar, but in a flash someone steals it. But it's not The Flash, it's Litecoin! Still, Slate's not worried: it's not about trophies, it's about being accepted and useful while having fun.

An unexpected voice says “So what?” Slate looks around to find Bitcoin, played by Felix Silla (Star Wars, Spaceballs) and responds “So, let’s dance!” The rest of the crypto characters join in and start dancing. Bitcoin grudgingly follows Slate to the party and we fade to the closing title: “Slate: The Entertainment Currency.”

Beyond the scripted narrative, the commercial tells an important story about the company: Slate Entertainment Group is experienced, connected, and committed. Their brief, edgy short is a gem at the crossroads of digitalcurrency and Entertainment, just like the project itself. The digital currency community has never seen a work like this introducing a new business project.

The Slate Entertainment Project is bound for greatness.