SLATE achieves first funding target!

We did it!
The Pre-sale has already been a stunning success. Just one day into the pre-sale, the Slate Team has what it needs to bring the vision of a better entertainment experience to life worldwide.

Overwhelming international response
The Slate Entertainment Group team has been touring the world, forming partnerships and establishing the groundwork for adoption and utilization. The outpouring of enthusiasm has been gratifying. The international scope of investors and partners is a very promising sign for the Future of Entertainment.

Best pricing still available
Buy SLATE coins (SLX) now to get the best price. SLX will give you access to the best in streaming entertainment and digital tickets to your favorite events. Get in on the pre-sale before the price rises:


Slate Masternodes
Slate isn’t just the best way to buy access to entertainment. SLX coins are also your ticket to the Future of Entertainment. When SLX holders operate masternodes, they store and distribute content. Masternode operators will enjoy handsome rewards for their contribution to the decentralized network.

Join the Entertainment Revolution
This is unheard of in the current Entertainment Industry. Netflix will never offer to pay you for what you bring to the table. With Slate, you are the decentralized network. When you run a masternode, you own the means of production. Be the Future of Entertainment.

Join the pre-sale now.

Be a part of the Entertainment Revolution!

The Slate Team