Slate acquires 2019 film Beyond Bitcoin

As a company planning to disrupt the Entertainment industry by leveraging blockchain technology, Slate Entertainment Group’s first major content acquisition is a perfect emblem for the project. Acquiring Beyond Bitcoin celebrates the marriage of cryptocurrency and film.

The seven-figure deal, made through Slate’s partner company, XYZ, is clear evidence that Slate Entertainment Group is deeply invested in bringing their vision to reality. The film features key figures in digital currency including blockchain diplomat Perianne Boring and Roger Ver, best known for his advocacy of Bitcoin Cash.

The movie will be one of the first titles available on the global Binge streaming media platform under the new BVOD™ license.

SEG hits the ground running

In the run-up to the token-sale, Slate is making a full court press, touring the world and sealing deals to secure content, promote adoption, and establish partnerships within the entertainment industry.

Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

Sitges International Film Festival

In an important step toward broad adoption, the renowned Spanish film festival Sitges, based in Catalonia, has formally partnered with Slate.

Sitges to Accept SLATE Cryptocurrency (SLX)
Attendees will be able to buy festival tickets and merchandise with SLATE currency (SLX). Sitges, known for its leadership in film, now stands as the first major film festival to accept cryptocurrency.

Ticketing on the blockchain: Sitges to use SLATIX
Sitges is also adopting Slate’s ticketing solution for the festival. All festival tickets will be able to be bought and redeemed using the SLATIX platform. Attendees will be using blockchain technology without even knowing it — except, of course, for the lower prices, and the convenience and security benefits.

Initial Funding Target Achieved: $20,000,000

Overwhelming international response

Just one day into the pre-sale, the Slate Team already has what it needs to bring the vision of a better entertainment experience to life worldwide, raising over $20,000,000.

The outpouring of enthusiasm has been gratifying. The international scope of investors and partners validates the SLATE vision, and is a very promising sign for the Future of Entertainment.

Join the Pre-sale for Best Pricing

The pre-sale in full swing. The groundbreaking adoption by Sitges and acquisition of Beyond Bitcoin add two more reasons to participate in SLATE. If you need another incentive, here you go:

For a limited time, you are able to purchase SLATE (SLX) coins at a significant discount. Get as much as 46% off the peak public sale price.

5% Early Purchase Bonus

Everyone who buys SLX coins May 11th-20th will receive an additional 5% bonus coins. Don’t miss your best chance to be part of the future of entertainment.

The Future of Entertainment just got even brighter!

Join the Revolution today.

P.S. If you haven't seen Devon Bostick ride a skateboard behind a Lamborghini yet, you've gotta watch Entertainment on the Blockchain: Meet Slate (embeded below)!