SLATE (SLX) wallet released

Available on all platforms

Slate Entertainment Group (SEG) is pleased to announce the release of the SLATE (SLX) wallet.



Buy SLX early — before the price bump

SLX are still available at 3 ½ cents for a limited time. Price goes up every four days, so buy today.

Earn SLX Masternode Rewards

Get a Masternode now to earn SLATE rewards from the start. Secure your slice of the Future of Entertainment by operating a SLATE Masternode. The masternode network will earn rewards for storing and streaming videos on demand. Maximize your earning potential by operating a masternode from the start.

To make sure everyone has a chance to set up their masternodes, the block rewards are set to zero until August 1st (target date). Stock up on SLX now to make sure you have a full masternode. Earn continuously from the start — even while you sleep.

SLATE dates

  • July 20: SLX token distribution takes place after completion of Token Sale.
  • August 1 (target date): Masternode operators start earning rewards paid in SLX.

Be a part of the Future of Entertainment!

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